Chocolate Day at “Kociak” Café

April 12th was a magical date for all chocolate lovers. Why? We celebrated Chocolate Day then! Together with the “Kociak” Café, we decided to honor this special occasion by organizing an unforgettable event.

On Chocolate Day, we distributed free hot chocolate for drinking – a total of 500 cups! Additionally, every coffee purchased that day was garnished with a sweet treat. In total, we added a whopping 800 delicious chocolates to the coffees! The atmosphere was amazing, and the number of guests was impressive. On that day, “Kociak” Café was visited by children from a nearby kindergarten, who joined our chocolate feast with smiles on their faces.

The people of Poznań embraced our initiative with great enthusiasm, which greatly delighted us. The positive comments about the event and the feedback from many people assured us that it definitely wasn’t the last joint initiative between Terravita and “Kociak” Café.

Dzien czekolady w Kawiarni Kociak - Terravita

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