Confectionery workshops in Poprad, Slovakia

In the New Year, we are not slowing down. We recently hosted another set of confesctionery workshops at the “Malý princ” confesctionery workshop in the picturesque town of Poprad, Slovakia. This was a special event organized exclusively for the clients of the Polmarkus wholesale, with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating for years.

The intimate and inspiring workshops on MONOPORTIONS were led by our pastry chef, Łukasz Kaniewski, who willingly shared his knowledge and experience. The gathering resulted in the creation of three different mono-desserts, utilizing our pastry semi-finished products such as Bellaria chocolates and spreading creams. Participants gained not only practical skills but also knowledge about techniques for creating monoportion elements, such as crunch, sable, and glacage coatings.

We extend our gratitude to our talented participants for their commitment and passion! We believe that the acquired knowledge will open up new possibilities for you in the world of pastry.

We also want to ensure that this is just the beginning of our collaboration with pastry chefs in Slovakia. We eagerly look forward to upcoming workshops or meetings with representatives of the HoReCa industry, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of our shared passion.

warsztaty cukiernicze monoporcje Słowacja
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