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    How to check whether the chocolate is tempered properly?

    To check if the tempering process have ran correctly and if the temperature ranges of the individual tempering stages have been properly determined, a test should be carried out on the knife. More »

    To do this, dip the tip of the knife in the melted mass and set aside for a few minutes in the fridge to solidify. If after extracting from the refrigerator, the layer of chocolate on the knife is hard, shiny, does not melt and does not smudge under the touch of a finger, the mass has been properly tempered.

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    How to temper chocolate mass manually, without a thermometer?

    To temper chocolate in a craft way: liquefy a portion of chocolate at 45 ° C in a water bath. Leave a 2/3 of the liquid at this temperature. More »

    Pour the rest of it (1/3) on a marble countertop and, to cool it down, mix it vigorously and spread it with a rounded knife or a metal spatula. When the mass reaches a temperature of ca. 26 ° C - 27 ° C (check it with a spike thermometer), add it to the 2/3 of liquid mass at a temperature of 45 ° C. Mix until the temperature reaches 30 ° C - 31 ° C - then the chocolate is tempered and ready to use: coating, forming the pralines' shells, bars. Do not forget that the specified tempering intervals may vary depending on the type and composition of the chocolate, that is why they should always be determined experimentally.

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    Ways to temper chocolate mass

    Depending on the use of chocolate and on what scale it is processed, the tempering process can be automatic or manual. On an industrial scale, tempering takes place thanks to devices called sharpeners. More »

    Depending on the product and the production process, the mass can be formed into plates, praline shells, figurines or used to glaze confectioneries. On a craft scale, the chocolate mass can be tempered in small sharpeners or manually on a marble counter.

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    What exactly is the chocolate tempering process?

    The process of tempering the liquid chocolate mass involves a cycle of cooling and re-heating the mass in order to obtain a suitable form of cocoa butter crystals, which gives the chocolate sufficient crispness and gloss More »

    Tempering temperature ranges in individual stages differ between the types of chocolate (plain, milk and white) and depend on the recipe’s ingredients. Therefore, for each type of chocolate they should be individually developed.

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