• Zastosowanie Application

    • For direct spreading and filling wafers, cookie sandwiches and cakes; as well as an addition to sweet dishes such as pancakes, waffles.
    • For cold filling of ready-made bakery products like donuts, sweet rolls, croissants, muffins.
    • As an addition to masses and creams based on whipped cream or mascarpone, used to fill and decorate light biscuit cakes and rolls.
    • As an ingredient of ganache and confectionery fillings (eg. for pralines).
  • Sposób użycia How to use

    • when stored at temperatures between 12-13 degrees Celsius, Bellaria spread creams have a semi-solid consistency

    • at room temperature (23st C), the spread-creams become soft and well spreadable
    • to achieve a semi-liquid form of Bellaria spread cream if necessary, we recommend heating of the product to a temperature not exceeding 32 ° C
    • Creams of a soft texture are easy to handle and can be used to spread and fill wafers and cakes can be dispensed directly from the packaging.
    • Other applications (as an addition to fillings and creamy masses) require gentle liquefaction at 40-45 ° C, and then cooling to a temperature of 28-30 degrees before combining with the cream mass.
    • The liquefaction on an industrial scale should be performed in isothermal water-jacketed tanks equipped with a stirrer and on a craft scale - using a water-bath, with water temperature not exceeding 55 ° C
  • Sposób użycia Practical tips

    A liquefied cream intended to combine with strongly chilled (up to 8 – 10oC) whipped cream (containing 30-36% fat) should have a temperature of 28-30 °C and should be added in small portions to prevent the aerated cream mass from flattening. The mass can be combined with the cream in amounts up to 25-35%, depending on the desired intensity of the taste and color. Before spreading or decorating cakes, the cream should be thoroughly blended into the cream mass until a homogeneous phase is obtained.

  • Przechowywanie i trwałość Storage and durability

    Recommended storage conditions of a packed form (carton box, plastic bucket): temperature 12-18 ° C, relative humidity RH <75%, in a dry, well- ventilated area, free from strong odors and direct sun light. Shelf life under the recommended conditions, in a factory-sealed package: from 8 to 12 months, depending on the cream type.

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