• Zastosowanie Application

    • For coating and decoration of frozen fruit (strawberry, raspberry)
    • For ice cream coating by means of dipping or spraying, in medium and large scale production plants.
    • For coating or decorating ice cream and ice cream desserts on a craft scale - manufactories and ice cream parlors.
    • For coating or decorating of frozen fruit.
  • Sposób użycia How to use

    • Melt the solid coating (in block or bucket) at 40-45 ° C.
    • Liquefaction: on an industrial scale in tanks with a water jacket equipped with a stirrer (mixing speed 12-15 rpm), on a craft scale - using a water bath, thoroughly mixing.
    • Ice cream should be coated at 27-30 ° C, depending on the desired thickness of the coating layer.
  • Przechowywanie i trwałość Storage and durability

    Ice-cream coatings in a liquid form: keep stirring in water-jacketed tanks at a temperature of 40-45 ° C. Shelf life of the liquid coating at 40 ° C - from 3 to 6 weeks from the production date, depending on the coating type.

    Coatings in solid form (a 25 kg cardboard box or 18kg/12 kg bucket): at a temperature 2-16 ° C, relative air humidity RH <75%, 12 months in intact packaging. Store in a dry, ventilated room, free from strong odours and an exposure to a sunlight.


  • Własności produktu Product properties

    Ice cream coatings presented in Terravita's offer are based on a unique fat phase composition based on coconut oil. These coatings form fast solidifying layers, characterized by adequate flexibility and adherence to the ice cream shapes. Carefully developed recipes and a unique production process allow to obtain different ranges of liquidity and varying thickness of the ice cream cover, depending on the individual needs of our customers

    Terravita coatings are available in three categories varying in terms of composition. The most noble coatings include addition of chocolate (Deczek, Biaczek, Melka II, Milky Polar). The last two are classic flavours of with chocolate note (Polar) and milk chocolate note (White Polar), followed by a category of flavoured coatings with nutty notes of peanut (Polnuts) and strawberry (Poltrusk). An unique proposal is a base for fruit coatings that allows you to compose an individual combination of flavours and colours, depending on the preferences of customers and sensory characteristics of the final product.

    One of a particularly interesting solutions within our ice cream coating range is a coating base dedicated to develop fruity profiles. Thanks to its neutral color and a fresh sour notes it combines very well with fruity flavors including citrus and exotic fruit, as well as raspberry, strawberry or blueberry.  It allows our customers to match colors and flavors in their own way to develop dedicated solutions suited to their final products.

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