Mini Tarts with Terravita Creams

To prepare a mini tart you can use Terravita creams combined with a whipped cream mass, or in a separate form, after lightly liquefying their consistency which allows dosing from the confectionery sleeve. To make snacks, you can use the ready-to-use mini shortbreads, the smallest size possible to prepare mono-portions.

Mass used without blending with cream:

Loosen the consistency of the cream by heating on a water bath or in a heating oven at 38 ° C - 40 ° C. Put in the confectionery sleeve, cool slightly to light solidification and fill the tartlets with a rosette tip. They can be decorated with crushed 60% dark chocolate flakes, sesame seeds, hazelnut, coconut flakes, dried fruit - depending on your preferences.


for a mass combined with a cream

  • 100 ml heavily chilled 30% cream
  • Terravita confectionary creams, 50g of each flavour

Combining confectionery creams with whipped cream


For preparing mini tarts you can use creams with different flavours available in Terravita's offer, including, for example, a 13% hazelnut-based cream, halva cream or truffle cream.


Heat the confectionery creams in a water bath or in an incubator to a temperature of about 40 ° C to slightly liquefy the consistency. Whip the 30% cream. Cool the cream down to about 30-32 ° C so that it does not flatten the whipped cream and slowly add without stirring until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

PrzepisTo make mini tarts

The cooled whipped cream mass combined with the cream put into the confectionery sleeve with the rosette tip and dispense to the tartelettes. The cream mass prepared in this way is great as a fancy addition to a mini tarts with fruit. Cool the snack before serving.