• Zastosowanie Application

    • For coating and enrobing cakes, rolls and small pastries (croissants, donuts, eclairs) on a craft scale.
    • For coating and enrobing of bakery and confectionery products (biscuits, cookie sandwiches, gingerbreads, jelly biscuits) on an industrial scale.
    • For coating confectioneries of various shapes: jellies, marshmallows, nuts nad dried fruit, candies on an industrial scale.
  • Sposób użycia How to use

    • Melt the chocolate flakes at 45-50 ° C.
    • Liquefaction: on an industrial scale in water-jacketed tanks equipped with a stirrer (mixing speed 12-15 rpm); on a craft scale - using a water bath.
    • Confectioneries (depending on the type) coat directly at 38-42 ° C without tempering step. The higher the temperature from the indicated range, the thiner coating layer is achieved on the product.
    • After enrobing, the coated products must be cooled down to achieve proper crystallization of the fat phase present the compound. Therefore, on an industrial scale use cooling tunnel with the temperature sectors of 12-16 ° C, depending on the construction of the tunnel and the velocty of products passing through the cooling zone)
  • Sposób użycia Practical tips

    In case of chilled products stored under refrigeration conditions, due to the melting profile of the compound fat phase, coated products should be consumed after reaching the room temperature (20-25 ° C). At this temperature, the layer of the compound achieves an optimal and sensibly desirable degree of hardness and crispness.

  • Przechowywanie i trwałość Storage and durability

    Bambo Extra and Classic T compounds in form of flakes: temperature 12-18 ° C, relative air humidity RH <75%, 12 months in an intact packaging.

    White Alka compound in form of flakes: temperature 12-18 ° C, relative air humidity RH <75%, 8 months in an intact packaging.

    The confectionery compounds should be stored in a dry, well ventilated room, free from foreign odors, away from any heat sources and direct sun light.

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