• Zastosowanie Application

    • Coating cakes, biscuits, and fine confectioneries (croissants, donuts, eclairs) on a craft scale.
    • Coating bakery and confectionery products (biscuits, cookie sandwiches, gingerbreads) on an industrial scale.
    • For forming bars and occasional figurines (stars, bunnies, eggs, hearts), in manufactories and on an industrial scale.
  • Sposób użycia How to use

    • Melt chocolate substitute flakes at 45-50°C.
    • Liquefaction: on an industrial scale in water-jacketed tanks equipped with a stirrer (mixing speed 12-15 rpm), in a craft scale - using a water bath.
    • Confectioneries, depending on the type, coat at 38-42 ° C.
    • After coating, cool down the solidification (on an industrial scale in a cooling tunnel with temperature sectors of 12-16 ° C, depending on the construction of the tunnel and the speed of moving products in the cooling zone).
    • While forming any shapes, the mass should reach the temperature of about 37-38 ° C (at the time of filling the mould). After pouring the mass and spreading it evenly, the moulds should be cooled down at a temperature of 12-16 ° C in order to shrink the bars or figurines. That simplifies taking them out of the moulds.
  • Przechowywanie i trwałość Storage and durability

    NEGRO flaked chocolate substitute mass: temperature 12-18 ° C, relative air humidity RH <75%, 12 months in intact packaging.

    The flaked chocolate substitute mass should be stored in a dry, ventilated room, free from foreign smells, away from heat sources.

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