• Zastosowanie Application

    Due to the intense aroma of coffee, used as an addition to:

    • Cream masses and masses based on whipped cream, used to fill cakes, biscuit cakes, rolls.
    • Ice cream masses, coffee flavoured ice cream, mocca, caffe latte.
    • Confectionery fillings - used for pralines as well as bakery and confectionery products.
    • As a component of semi-finished products like sauces or coffee creams.
    • Directly as an addition to the dough, to give flavour and colour to crispy and sponge cakes.
  • Sposób użycia How to use

    Coffee paste in the form of a homogeneous slurry can be used directly for individual applications, according to the recommended dosage (indicated below).

  • Sposób użycia Practical tips

    Dispensing coffee paste: in creamy mass and ice cream: from 2 to 10%; in a dough from 5 to 15%, depending on the desired intensity of taste and colour.


    During storage, the coffee paste may be delaminated, causing the fat layer to migrate to the surface and the sedimentation of solid particles on the bottom of the packaging (buckets). In this case, the paste should be mixed intensively (using a blender) to obtain a homogeneous slurry.

  • Przechowywanie i trwałość Storage and durability

    Store intact packaging at 12-18 ° C and relative humidity RH <75% for 12 months.

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