Bubble Gum Flavoured Sauce

Index CS-01-055
Min.extract.percentage 73
Flavour bubble gum
Flavour pink
Packaging bottle 1 kg

On the craft scale (in ice cream parlors, cafes, patisseries): • Decorating cakes, ice cream, desserts based on fruit and whipped cream • Decoration of sweet warm dishes including waffles, pancakes, pasta, rice.

The new taste of dessert sauce is intended mainly for the youngest consumers.

The original intense pink color, velvety texture and a characteristic fruit aroma guarantee that it will be an attractive finish for dishes intended for children: pancakes, waffles, ice cream, fruit salads or sweet casseroles based on rice or pasta.

What’s most important, Terravita bubble gum flavoured sauce contains only natural flavors and owes its unusual color to the natural food coloring in the form of beetroot extract.