Bambo Pro

Index PC-01-040, PC-01-020
Min. fat percentage 35
Color dark cocoa
Packaging 20 kg bag, 10 kg bag

Glazing cakes, confectionery and bakery products; an industrial and craft scale


Bambo Pro. Intended use:
for icing layered and other cakes, pastries, bakery and confectionery products, in both industrial and artisan applications. A new, professional confectionery icing in a 4N formula:

  • Non-lauric
  • No hardened fats
  • No high trans fats – a formula based on dedicated fat with trans fat content below 2%
  • No tempering required

The icing is based on non-hardened fat and is well aligned with the requirements of the contemporary food market, including Regulation EU 649/2019 that sets the limits for trans fat content in food. The icing uses non-lauric fat, making a perfect solution for those manufacturers who – for process reasons – cannot use lauric fats in their equipment (if chocolate is involved). Simple ingredients and clear label – a formula containing 15% of high-grade cocoa powder which determines the sensory values of the icing.

The intense cocoa flavor with a touch of chocolate and distinct brown color will make the decorated products truly unique. The icing is simple to use. Unlike chocolate, it does not require tempering and is ready to use directly after melting. The icing is commercially available in the form of thin flakes that melt quickly and easily.

The product is sold in a convenient economy-size packaging, in 10 and 20 kg bags.